Thursday, June 11, 2009

24.1 kms: St Just-Kenidjack Castle-Pendeen Watch-Watch Croft-Porthmeor Cove

Every bit of water I drank today was manufactured by my body into the end-product snot. I have never experienced hayfever like this before. I was miserable. I wondered at the silliness of the whole thing. There was no where to stop for drugs. I also discovered the blotchey ouchness of stinging plants. What a sight I must be. Regardless of that I did manage to be social. I accidently stumbled into someone's yard. 'The sign must be down again', said Mr Landowner. They made me tea and let me use their facilities and fill my water bottles. I have written in my diary that Mrs Landowner's name was June and that she didn't use articles. I stated that I no longer used them either. Isn't it curious, the things we write, and how they can mean little to nothing on later readings. The articles I can conjure up all still seem to be being used—I used one just then; I'm also wearing a pair currently. I am not sure what I meant. I pulled into a field in the early evening, feeling, still, miserable, and aching all over. I was going to just watch the sun go down in about three hours times and then go to sleep. Then I realised I could get a whole lot closer to civilization if I gave up that sort of useless thinking. The walk after that was lovely, even though quite upward. I ended up walking along cliffs and having a lovely evening. I still slept field-wise, sharing my space with sheep, but miles from anyone and behind a little wall so quite safe feeling.

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