Wednesday, June 16, 2010

76 kms: T4-Central Bus Station-Swindon-Cheltenham.

I am not hearing that tiny insignificant beep of an alarm clock that is my wristwatch—especially seeing as I have lately had my buzz alarm clock and that obnoxious car horn tone on my mobile alarm clock both being barely enough to wake me. It was no surprise then that I nearly slept in. I had figured that because it was free wi-fi, I could google an alarm clock, the ticking would keep the computer going and I’d be right mate. It seemed to be working the first couple of times I got up and checked but switched itself off by morning. So much for starting early on getting sick of full English breakfasts. I madly packed and headed for the train to T3. I managed the right train this time, but seeing as there is only one way to go, credit is not due, earned or given. I had some awful Costa version of full English brekky on a sandwich and coffee and then headed for the bus. Some blog preparation, some sewing of the last beatnik dress, and I was in Chelt.
Nothing has changed. It was like a year had never intervened. Adam has a new housemate, the fire is in and very lovely—he lit it on Friday night and I fell asleep mesmerized. They are replacing all the sash windows in the building and so Sam and Derek, the sash window men were at the flat most of the time. They were very entertaining and funny. Sam’s girlfriend’s name is Sam. Doesn’t it get confusing I said. Not to us, I know who I mean when I yell out Sam. His girlfriend has spoiled his dog, Poppy and so now she will only eat specially roasted cow’s innards.
I spent Thursday and Friday getting essentials like maps, a damn i-Pod charger because I had figured that I could charge the i-Pod on the computer but forgot that this computer is not the one with i-Tunes, and perfume—which I thought I could do without, but I thought wrong. On Friday evening I met Adam’s new friend whose a girl. She is lovely, and gives Adam a fabulously hard time which is always good to witness. We watched the soccer. Apparently it was ‘rubbish’. I was now ready to start the journey.

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  1. I don't get Costa Coffee. Just awful - why are they everywhere in England?