Tuesday, June 19, 2012

655.0 kms: Balmaha-Milarrochy-Sallochy-Rowardennan.

The news is on in the Clansman Bar in Rowardennan (view from hotel to Loch Lomond on right). I love British news. It doesn't matter how upper class it is, it is all just about sex and scandal. And football. And, in Scotland, the Independence Referendum. I think maybe Scotland should become independent for its future. (Not that it really has a choice I suppose, I mean, who is really going to make the decision regarding that one. Eh? Even if they have got the Stone of Scone back.) It is just that it has so much water about the place, that when the fuel runs out and water becomes the commodity of power, then Scotland can become a Superpower. They won't want England and it's hosepipe bans hanging on like midges on a stationary walker. 

This may be my shortest blog to date. Good night. Just kidding. But I feel dreadful and staring at whatever garbage is on the TV is much easier than thinking. Oooh, there's Julia. She is in Mexico. She seems unconcerned about the earthquake that has been reported to me via a reliable source— there is certainly nothing about the shaking colonies on the TV. My cold has decided on shifts as its best approach so the cough settles in for the times when I want to sleep, or be in public places (because people love someone coughing all over their public areas), and the congested head and sinuses move in for hills, climbing or times when breathing is helpful. Sorry about the self indulgent moaning.


What is the difference between a hen and a chicken? Is it to do with what bit we end up eating?


Saw my first Highland cattle today. That long fluffy fringe must impair their vision because the second one I saw was trying to mount another bull.


Today's walk summed up in one word: undulating.


I did meet the ranger. Apparently she doesn't just get to wander up and down the paths all the time—mostly she has to be in meetings. She asked me what day I was on. She meant for the West Highland Way. Technically, I answered, the fortieth. When I explained she shook my hand.


I've tried my people, but I am spent.


Good night to Rowardennan, good night to you.


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  1. Great Photo of Loch Lomond! Probably my favourite Blog photo to date. Incidentally Loch Lomond is Scotland's 3rd deepest at 624 feet and is 92,805,000 feet in area. Did you get a glimpse of The Loch Lomond Monster?